"The guitar lived up to all my expectations. It is beautiful both in looks and sound. It is every bit as fine a guitar as I've ever played. You are a true artist."

Tony Mottola
Renowned guitarist, recording artist, musician, composer, arranger

"Gary and I have become really good friends. The thing that attracted me to his guitars was, first, the ingenious design with the birds; the cutouts are birds instead of f-holes. The way that he did it, too, is so creative; not symmetrical. He really gives a human touch to the instrument and shows a lot of art.

"I have great admiration for that kind of creativity. Another special thing about his instruments is that he also put a bird on the edge of the guitar that faces the player. This makes for an instant response in hearing the sound that we have never had before. No other guitar that I've ever played has that feature. It's a concept that a lot of people are paying attention to. It's innovative.

"I plan to experiment with it in the studio, at some point. Gary's guitar has a lot of acoustic value; more so than the standard electric guitar. He's one of the few guys that has given a nice acoustic sound to the instrument. It's value, for me, is that it has both electric and acoustic elements.

"A friend of mine was playing it recently - fingerstyle. He was going 'Wow! Wow!'

"Gary is a very gracious type person. He never steps on anybody's toes. He opens up to me on personal things. He likes to hear the other man's opinion, and you know how rare that is. He appreciates everything, and that, too, is rare. I like doing things with him.

"He is a good player, too. He shocked me. I didn't know he was that good of a player. We sat down one day and he played a recording that he had done and it was magnificent! I thought, Wow, this guy needs to get out and play some guitar for the people.

"I'm trying to convince him that no matter how good you are, you can always seek a further horizon for yourself."

George Benson

"Gary Mortoro makes a player's guitar. They have a great feel, beautiful tone and are finely crafted. There is no finer archtop available today. Simply put, they are the D'Angelicos of tomorrow. I love mine."

Rodney Jones
Guitarist for the Rosie O'Donnell Show and Ms. Lena Horne

"This guitar can handle all styles... and it rocks, too"

Jimmy Vivino
Guitarist with the Max Weinberg 7, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, NBC

"I applaud Gary Mortoro. His beautiful sounding acoustic guitars are of the finest quality and workmanship. He has made several for me including an 8-string acoustic which I will be recording with soon.

"Gary, being a brilliant and masterful guitarist himself, has the innate ability to tailor each individual instrument made toward satisfying the aesthetic needs of the performer personally. It is my opinion that Gary Mortoro is a premier twenty first century luthier."

Joe Cinderella
Renowned jazz guitarist, studio ace and educator

"My Mortoro guitar is a very responsive instrument made by a very exacting craftsman. Its sweet sound is reflective of your approach to lutherie."

Dr. Frank Forte
Jazz guitarist and contributing editor to Just Jazz Guitar

"When I played the Starling, the monstrous sound combined with an ease of play and an incomparable aesthetic design won me over. The guitar is truly an achievement."

Nick DiGennaro
Jazz guitarist and teacher

"I have been playing a very high quality archtop jazz guitar for the past 23 years. Recently I acquired a Cansone Di Verona guitar made by Gary Mortoro. It is incredible! The feel of the neck and frets and how even the notes are over the entire range make it so easy to play! I am using the same strings as before, but they feel so supple on this guitar. It really encourages subtle playing - I find I am using more vibrato and just sustaining a note to bring out the sound of the guitar. The clarity and warmth of the sound, even very high up, is fantastic. I find it very easy to switch from chords and single-note playing and to utilize the entire range of the guitar. My playing is much freer and many that are familiar with my playing hear a significant difference. This wonderful guitar has immediately taken my playing to a new level. The smaller size and lighter weight make it very comfortable as well. It is hard to describe in words, but the guitar truly is incredible! An additional bonus is that the Mortoro is a beautiful piece of art and workmanship. The design, the woods used and the meticulous and caring work that Gary put into this guitar results in an insrument that is as beautiful looking as it sounds.

Mike Gellar
Jazz Guitarist

"The Starling is fantastic. Those who see it appreciate the outer beauty instantly. Those who play it know the inner qualities immediately.

"To get a guitar to "feel right," is something else. My way of thinking says that it's the vibe or soul of a guitar that speaks to us. From a technical sense it probably is a combination of all the individual minuet details that gets instilled into a guitar's makings that makes it come alive.

"It makes sense that Gary is able to make guitars like he does, they really are a reflection of his own talented musical and art background and diverse life experiences. He is one of the very few fortunate luthiers to possess the sensitivity and balance to create a guitar from a multi facet perspective simultaneously."

Skip Moy, Jazz Guitarist & Audio Engineer

"First of all, thanks for involving me every step of the way in decisions about the guitar. I learned a lot through our discussions about different aspects of the guitar - from the nut width to the wood choices, and other details. You really tailored the guitar to my style and preferences.

"Now for the guitar itself; absolutely beautiful! Your design is unmistakable and, to say the very least, eye catching. What makes this guitar really special; however, is the outstanding acoustic tone. Magnificent. What a tone. The notes in the upper registers just ring! The tone is so beautiful.

"The feel of the guitar is extremely comfortable. What a great neck. Man, I love that neck. Thanks for taking the time to set the guitar up like you did.

"I'll enjoy playing this guitar for a long, long time. I'm thrilled to have a Mortoro."

Mike Moss/Jazz Guitarist