Excerpt from Rodney Jones Profile
By Jude Hibler
"Both George and I have Gary Mortoro guitars. Gary is a real genius guitar maker. I played Gary's guitars and loved them. I took one over to George and George was knocked out.

"Gary was doing 20th Century Guitar's Classic American Guitar Show out on long Island this past April. George called me to ask what time we were going to the guitar show. Here was an opportunity for me to drive out there with, perhaps, the greatest, living guitarist. So we did, and had a great time."

While they were there, they sat down together and autographed pictures of them with Gary Mortoro's guitars.

"For my best jazz work, and the most warm, luscious sound, I use Mortoro's guitars. I found his guitars to have a life to them. Gary is such a warm, loving guy and that comes through in his instruments. He also plays guitar. The play like a 'guitar player's guitar.' His really have a sound and really play. I play the Starling model.

I have another that he made that is just a prototype. It's called the Freebird. That's my favorite. It's like an L-5 with two built-in pickups."